L'École branchée launches a free and practical guide to help parents on distance learning


Parents' roles, stress management and overseeing screen time

QUÉBEC CITY,  February 16, 2021 – Everyday education isn’t so everyday anymore. It now includes a number of new scenarios, including online schooling, hybrid education, temporary classes closing, teachers and students in isolation at home. And while the school environment is constantly adapting, families must also adjust to this new reality. To help parents better support their children with online learning, l’École branchée is launching a practical guide, created specifically to help them. 

“Distance education becomes a source of stress, but represents an opportunity to get back to basics in child-teacher, parent-child, and parent-teacher relationships. One thing is certain, we must first accept the new reality, let go of things beyond our control and pay particular attention to the well-being of each one (and his own first) to then better master the workings of teaching remotely,” said Martine Rioux, Managing Editor of this special issue of the magazine.

Note that this special issue is produced in collaboration with the Fédération des comités de parents du Québec (FCPQ) and the English Parents’ Committee Association of Quebec (EPCA). It is part of the shared desire of these partners to offer a series of support tools for parents.

"With this publication, we continue our collaborative efforts with other parenting communities, realizing unprecedented economies of scale in sharing information, resources and support," said Katherine Korakakis, President of the EPCA.

"I’m pleased to have the opportunity to work with the English Parents’ Committee Association and l’École branchée, partners and trusted organizations, to provide resources to parents so that they feel more prepared when supporting their young people for their well-being and success. In the face of the unknown, let’s get better equipped and be united!”, said Kévin Roy, President of the FCPQ.

Finally, with this launch, l’École branchée wants to support the Réseau québécois pour la réussite éducative’s objective during the Hooked on Schools Days, which is to create a kind and caring collective momentum. We want to send positive and encouraging messages to families across Quebec. 

This special issue of the magazine can be downloaded free of charge, in both English and French, on the ecolebranchee.com/family website, thanks to financial support from the Quebec Ministry of Education (MEQ). 

L'École branchée is a non-profit organization whose activities have contributed, since 1996, to the advancement of education by helping stakeholders meet the challenges of teaching in the digital age to promote student success. Its main focuses are in the areas of professional development, digital competence and media education. Learn more.

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