Time to make success shine!

Dear parents,

May is here, and in a few weeks, we’ll be celebrating the efforts and positive influence of parent volunteers in the school community during National Parental Involvement Week!

Once again, it’s been a busy year for the school community, with challenges that have mobilized everyone involved, including parents. In addition to supporting and encouraging their children’s academic progress and collaborating with the school, thousands of parents across the province are involved in education. They volunteer their time to help in the school library, distribute breakfasts, organize fundraising activities with the Parent Participation Organization (PPO), sit on Governing Boards, Parents’ Committees, Boards of Commissioners and other bodies stipulated by the Education Act. They give their opinions and make important decisions, with a single motivation: to promote the success and well-being of our students.

Just like school staff, parent volunteers deserve a week of recognition to celebrate their dedication and achievements.

For the third edition of National Parental Involvement Week, our Federation is inviting schools, organisations and committees to celebrate their community’s volunteer parents. Several suggestions for activities with elementary and secondary school students, including comic strips and thank-you cards, are available on the Federation’s website.

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Furthermore, schools and school service centers, often via the governing board or parents’ committee, organize a gala to recognize parental involvement during the Week. Whether you organize an activity, post a message on your social media or use your creativity to prepare another activity, all types of recognition of parental involvement are welcome!

We’ll wrap up this thematic week on June 1st with the Federation’s 50th anniversary festivities, during which the National Recognition Gala will be held in Saguenay. It will also be broadcast live and accessible to all! Silver award laureate parents, chosen by their parents’ committee, will receive their medals, and the name of the parent to receive the Order of the Federation 2024 will be announced! Click here to see a summary of the 2023 Gala in text (in French) and images.

Education is our priority. Parents who volunteer in the school community help promote this message: school matters! Thank you to all parents, and thank you to those who acknowledge and value their commitment!

See you in Saguenay on June 1st to celebrate!

Mélanie Laviolette

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