What I wish for us in 2024

Dear friends,

I hope you enjoyed a relaxing holiday season with your loved ones. I’m relieved that 2024 begins with our children returning to school and with an end to the unlimited general strike thanks to an agreement between the parties. The FCPQ was consulted by the minister and the ministry on a back-to-school plan, and we made clear that :

  • It will be important to validate the maintenance or loss of acquired knowledge from the very first week, in order to determine learning priorities.
  • The parents’ involvement will be crucial to the success of the students affected, and collaboration between school and home will need to be stepped up to make up for lost time.

The new dates for the ministerial exams of January were announced on Friday, and we expect the catch-up plan in the next few hours.

Santa Claus has already come and gone, but I’m still sharing my wish list for 2024, in the hope that we can all work together to make it happen.

  • A definitive agreement to put an end to strikes and pave the way for providing students with all the services they need.
  • Fluid, two-way communications between school staff and parents.
  • Safe, violence-free living and learning environments.
  • An appeal mechanism in the event of non-compliance with the Education Act.
  • A real appreciation of public schools in our society.
  • Decisions and actions always taken with the students’ success and well-being in mind.
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I realize that these are difficult demands to make in just one year, but I hope that the sheer scale of the task does not discourage us from trying. There is no task more noble and worthy than acting for the success and well-being of our youth.

The year 2024 will also mark the 50th anniversary of the Québec’s Federation of parents’ committees. 50 years of defending and promoting the rights and interests of parents and students in public schools, and supporting its members, the parents’ committees in the majority of school service centers across Quebec.

I wish our Federation continued success in making a difference for Quebec parents. The FCPQ team and the parents’ committees are working hard to recognize and value the role of parents in their children’s educational development and in school instances. I invite all parents to join us in celebrating the Federation’s 50th anniversary and wish us all a year shining with success!

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