Word from the President – Thank you to the volunteer parents!

Kévin Roy, FCPQ’s president

Dear friends,

Today is International Volunteer Day. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents involved in the school system in Quebec. Did you know that parents’ positive values towards education and their interest in school are incorporated by the children and contribute to their motivation? Our involvement promotes the success of students: I think this is the best reward we can receive for our volunteer work.

Last week, I met with Bernard Drainville, the new Minister of Education. We presented the Federation and discussed the importance of parental involvement in the school network and the parent’s priorities:

  • services for all students according to their needs
  • schools where our youth feel comfortable
  • committees whose roles and responsibilities are understood
  • parents who are equipped and confident.
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We will certainly follow his decisions and actions now that the work of the National Assembly has resumed, and we will always be there to promote and advocate for the rights of parents and students in the public school.

At our last General council, I had the pleasure of welcoming the National Student Ombudsman, Me Jean-François Bernier. He presented the reform of the complaint processing procedure to the delegates and answered their many questions. The importance of informing parents about the complaint processing and the role of the ombudsman was highlighted.

Our final event of 2022 will be the Special Needs Advisory Committee Chairs meeting, scheduled for this week. I hope parents enjoy this new format, which is an addition to the February Parents of a special needs children’s Forum!

Lastly, I would like to wish you a very happy holiday season with your family and loved ones. I hope that this period will allow you to fill up in energy and enjoy the presence of your loved ones!

Thank you again for your commitment!

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  • Le bien-être de votre enfant à l’école
  • Les problèmes de communication avec l’école

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Mon enfant est impliqué dans une situation d’intimidation à l’école, où puis-je trouver de l’aide?
Mon enfant a des besoins particuliers et il va entrer à l’école, que faire?

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