A final word from Kévin Roy

Kévin Roy, outgoing president

Dear friends,

This will be my last word as President of the Federation because, as I told you last month, I did not seek re-election. It was a difficult but well-considered decision.

After a pandemic, two ministers of education, five parliamentary commissions, some 50 meetings of the FCPQ executive committee, countless meetings with partners and participation in events and, my favorite number, 862 media requests and interventions, I’m proud of my time as president and spokesperson of the Federation.

When parents, our partners and people who work in the school network come to me and say that our positions are clear and that our message has got through, I tell myself that my work and that of the Federation is important, even if there is sometimes a long way to go.

I couldn’t have got this far without the parents who have surrounded and supported me. I would like to thank the members of the FCPQ Executive Committee and General Council for your support and dedication to the well-being and success of our children. Thank you to everyone whose parental involvement is coming to an end. You have all paved the way for committed parents. I have been inspired, and will continue to be inspired, by the parents who get involved in the school community. It’s because of their commitment that the FCPQ can have a positive influence on the school network and the future of our youth.

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Our role is important: it’s important to remember. We must continue to promote it, especially through the National Parental Involvement in Education Week, but also by acknowledging our successes and best practices in our communities throughout the year. Valuing the commitment of parents is particularly essential at a time when the Ministry of Education tabled its new strategic plan in June, which, much to our disappointment, does not recognize the parents’ important role.

Nevertheless, our Federation has solid foundations, and I know it will continue to make a difference through the services it provides to parents and the activities it undertakes to defend and promote the rights and interests of parents and students.

When I began my involvement with my school’s governing board and explained to my children that I would have to devote a few evenings to meetings from now on, my children gave me a little Lego man. The figure represented them: they didn’t want me to miss them. Over time, this little Lego came to represent not only my children, but all the children of Quebec. I always carry it in my pocket in my meetings, so I never forget why I’m involved. It’s the thread that keeps me going.

This summer, I’m passing the torch to Mélanie Laviolette, and I feel that I’m leaving the presidency of the FCPQ in good hands. She will be supported by the members of the Executive Committee and the Federation team.

I feel that the FCPQ has given me more than I could give it. For that, I’d like to thank the Federation team, which has always supported me. Volunteer parents are fortunate to be able to count on a committed team to support them in their role. I’d also like to thank all the involved parents I’ve met. It has been an honor to raise your voice for four years, and to be reminded daily why so many people work in this large education network: the success and well-being of the students.

Thanks to everyone!

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