Lack of services and priorities of the Federation

Dear parents,

I hope your children’s return to school went well and that all the necessary educational services are in place for their success. I also hope that your school’s annual parent assembly was a success (and that you attended!).

If your school is experiencing a lack of services, whether in terms of resources, transportation or childcare, or if you’ve noticed any shortcomings related to your annual assembly, I invite you to let us know. The Federation is here to carry the parents’ voice to the national level and to help you take your place in the school community, with the goal of promoting student success.

Knowing that parental involvement brings its share of challenges, and that mobilization is not always forthcoming in our communities, supporting parents in their commitment is one of my priorities as President of the FCPQ.

In September, the FCPQ Executive Committee met to discuss our organization’s objectives and action plan in relation to its strategic plan. We also discussed the major issues facing the education network, as well as the solutions to be put forward in light of the latest developments in education and the concerns of our member parents’ committees. What emerged was the importance to:

  • Participate as parents: in our children’s education journey, in communications with the school and in participatory instances.
  • Show agility and flexibility as a network to adapt to students and learn from best practices.
  • Bring decision-making closer to students by respecting subsidiarity and the powers of Governing boards, as well as involving youth in their success.
  • To value education and all aspects of the school, leaving no stone unturned to help every student succeed and feel safe and secure in their learning environment. Lacks in educational services are unacceptable.
Espace publicitaire

The main goal remains clear: to act in the students’ best interests.

I’d like to take this opportunity, during the Semaine pour l’école publique from October 2 to 8, to remind you that one of the functions of the Parents’ Committee is to raise awareness of the value of public education among all the parents in their school service center.

In October, Parents’ Committees will focus on holding their first meeting of the school year and electing their chairs and representatives. Don’t forget that the FCPQ has several guides and tools for members of parents’ committees and other parent participatory instances in the school environment. Team members are also available to support you and answer any questions you may have.

Parents have an essential role to play in their children’s school environment and educational path! Let’s get involved, for our youth!

Nos services-conseils

Vous pouvez communiquer avec nous pour toute question concernant :

  • Les instances de participation parentale
  • La Loi sur l’instruction publique
  • La réussite de votre enfant
  • Le bien-être de votre enfant à l’école
  • Les problèmes de communication avec l’école

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