Spring is in the air

Dear parents,

Spring has arrived in Quebec, bringing with it, I hope, a breath of fresh air and renewal. The third and final stage of the school year has begun. You should have received your child’s report card before the Easter break.

The FCPQ held its General Council, during which many reflections took place and best practices were exchanged. It’s always an invigorating event for committed parents!

Spring has also brought with it the Education Dashboard, a tool that will give the network access to data, which should facilitate decision-making to promote success. This is good news for the network and for the success of our youth, but I have reservations about the idea of producing a « school ranking » from this data.

The detailed study of Bill 47 to strengthen student protection was completed during the same period. Some of our recommendations have been incorporated into the actions set out in the bill. This is certainly a step forward for the safety of our children in their learning environment, but we believe we can do even more, particularly to counter sexual violence. We will, of course, be monitoring the implementation of the new measures and their impact. 

The arrival of spring brings us closer to the total or near-total solar eclipse across Quebec, a rare event that will take place on April 8. I was disappointed that decisions on whether or not to maintain educational services were taken at the last minute, when we knew this phenomenon would occur a long time ago. Many schools will still be offering science activities to students. If you’re planning to enjoy this event with your children, there are several resources available to make sure you do so safely while having fun.

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It’s a shame, though, that the school network sometimes lacks the flexibility to adapt to circumstances and put the interests and well-being of students first. I think that with open communication and greater transparency between parents and school staff, we’d have a better understanding of each other’s needs, and we’d be able to act as a team, respecting each other’s roles.

Finally, spring is ushering in one of my favorite times of the year, that of recognizing parental involvement! Parents’ Committees and Governing Boards still have a few weeks to nominate their extraordinary parents in the four award categories.

National Parental Involvement Week is shaping up to be a brilliant success, with the Federation’s 50th anniversary celebrations on June 1. In addition to conferences by Martin Larocque, Alloprof, the National Student Ombudsman, Dr. Mélissa Généreux and Pierre Lavoie, it will be a festive event with an exhibitors’ fair, numerous workshops, the Gala reconnaissance and the « soirée éclatante ». I can’t wait to celebrate with you: all parents in Quebec are invited, and registration is underway!

On that note, I wish you a wonderful spring!

Mélanie Laviolette

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